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5 Pack of Plain Glossy White Disposable 35mm Cameras for Wedding or Any Party, 27 Exposures Each- With Matching Table Cards


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5 Pack Special of Cameras.
-27 Exposures
-Built in flash for optimal picture taking.
-Film is ASP 400 speed.
-Batteries included inside the cameras.
-Exclusively designed by JustForMyParty, Inc.
-Expiration Date: 10/2020 or later.
-Matching Table Tents: Beautiful and free! (One per camera)
-Colors: white gloss
-Cameras come individually plastic wrapped inside gift boxes to keep freshness.
-Matching gift boxes makes these cameras the perfect wedding gift.

Table Cards Say:
Use the camera on the table to take some pictures of all our friends and family…the fun, the special moments, the cute and loveable moments, and of course not-to-be-forgotten shots. When all the pictures are taken, please leave the camera on the table.

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